Marketer Asia is a digital publication aimed at developing a marketing playbook for Asia.

Asia is an exciting market for marketers. It is home to the world’s most populous countries and to nearly half of its middle class. Its increasingly affluent population is set to drive the world’s consumption and to become sought-after by brands worldwide.

The question remains: how to market to the billions of consumers in this part of the world? Strategies that have worked in other parts of the world will not be effective without local knowledge and adaptation to local culture. As an added layer of complexity, the continent is extremely diverse with each country differing in its consumption pattern.

The marketing playbook to succeed in Asia is being worked on at this very moment by pioneering brands and individuals. Through case studies of these brands and interviews with the individuals behind them, Marketer Asia will provide in-depth and actionable insights to marketers setting out on this journey.

Marketer Asia is a project by Devansh Bhikajee