How Netflix Plans to Grow in India by Becoming More Local

The streaming platform Netflix entered the Indian market in 2016 with high ambitions. Their aim is to have 100 million subscribers in the country. This case study dives into the strategy of localisation they adopted to achieve their goal, from the content they produce to the way they market it to the local population.

LinkedIn China - Marketer Asia

The Complicated Expansion of LinkedIn Into China

LinkedIn officially launched in China into 2014 after successful expansions in other international markets. They gave autonomy to the local team, found the right local partners and localised their product and promotions. Yet, that wasn’t enough to win in a unique and competitive market such as China.

Puma India - Marketer Asia

How Puma Became the Leading Sportswear Brand in India

Puma is the number one sportswear brand in India. Ahead of competitors that include Nike, Adidas and Reebok. The case study dives into how the German brand achieved this level of success through their ability to identify trends and their capacity to reach and connect with their audience effectively.